Salamat Narin At Nagtagpo

After 1 year I finally now have the courage to write about him, Haha! Yes! We’ve been victorious! You may see my past posts, and see how I was hurt and devastated with what happen to me and my last boyfriend. 

Now, I know he is happy with another girl. And I am happy that he is. 🙂 God has been faithful to me, He poured his self to me. Filling every space that has been left empty ever since that guy left me. I am thankful, because He has been with me all through the way. 

I am better now, God has been working in my life in ways I could have not imagined he will do. And every now and then, I am thankful for everyone who has been with me. In every step I took. Especially you, 🙂 

Thank you for breaking my heart, and making me realize that I need God more than anyone else. 

Thank you for making me feel as if I was the most beautiful person in your life.

Thank you for sharing with me those unforgettable memories. Those memories, where I though I wouldn’t do, but was made possible because of you. 🙂 
Letting you go has to be the bravest thing I ever did, I was so scared to let go of that someone who’s so dear to me. But I know God strengthened me in doing so because He has been preparing something best for me.

Thank you for sharing your life with me. I am inlove with God as of now. And am not ready to fall for someone else yet. But I know God is still working in my heart. ❤️ Thank you. I am praying for you. 

My Sunday Thoughts

Today was a fun a day, from service up until to after youth fellowship. I learned a lot from today that recently I have been struggling with, lately I’ve been over thinking about how people would see me. How they see me as a person, and today I felt as if God was talking to me and here some of His words that spoke to me.



  • Oppositions are inevitable. No matter how willing you are to do that specific goal of yours, oppositions will always be there to pull you down. What really matters here is how you respond to the oppositions that you will face. It’s either you let it destroy you or challenge you.
  • My recent reactions when opposition comes in my way, I show my face of weakness or my spirit of being unmotivated and I’ve come to realize that in how I react on it, I am letting them win over me.
  • The Lord will fight for you. No matter what happens, the Lord will be there for you. As it has been said in Nehemiah 4:14  “Don’t be afraid of them. Remember the Lord, who is great and awesome, and fight for your families, your sons and your daughters, your wives and your homes.” Never be easily turned down by the sharp words of the enemies because it is the working of satan. Keep holding on to God’s words. (kapit ka lang skanya haha :))
  • Lastly, in times of opposition like this. Pray about it to the Lord, to strengthen you. For when you are doing the task that Lord is giving you, the Lord will sustain you. Because He knows that you are doing it for His glory. Take heart and believe in what He can do in your life. Pray and submit every plan that you have to him and he will take care of the rest.



  • Fear of man is a feeling of anxiety and anguish regarding what others think about us. Stop focusing on what others are thinking about you. You are pleasing God not the people around you. In thinking what others are thinking about you, it is not them who is experiencing the unending burden in your heart. It’s you. So redirect your focus to the Lord only.
  • When you experience peer pressure be reminded on how the Lord sees you. You do not need to conform on their ways just so can be one of the so-called cool kids. you can be a cool kid with doing the right things. Be the cool kid that the lord wants you to be, after wall, He’s the one who we meed to please and not the people around us.
  • Stop saying “yes” to everyone and then saying “no” to God. Why do we easily say “Yes” to people even if we know that what they are asking is against to what God wants us to do. Then say no to God whenever he wants us to do something that can glorify Him. We should be doing the other way around people, when we are facing times the struggle of always saying “yes” to people. Close your eyes then ask God for wisdom. Ask if what they’re asking you is worth your “yes”. Practice saying “No” too.
  • Just because everyone is going to the same way you should go with it too. Go to the other way and explore. Find the way which glorifies the Lord more.
  • Lastly, here are some of the practical ways to avoid Peer pressure. (1) Pray for confidence – To be able to go to the other way around and be able avoid what can dishonor the Lord. (2) Choose your friends – There’s this saying. Tell me who your friends are and I’ll tell you who you are. so choose you group of friends. (3) Be creative – You do other things that can make your more creative than doing what people usually do that’s wrong.

So to therefore conclude, as what I’ve been struggling lately. There will always be oppositions, there will always be problems which can cause you to self destruct. But always redirect your eyes to the Lord. I also am being reminded that whatever happens as long as im doing things for the Lord, the Lord will be the one who’s going to fight for me. I just have to always run back to Him. For He will be the one to equip me in the trials that I will face. So, Keep on praying. Do not be afraid, The Lord is with you. He is going to be with you in the journey that you are going. Have faith! 5cb7a443f22ad004216b30ce32960ec4


Have a nice week! God bless!

To The One Who Loves Me

as hard as things are going

I’ll never stop holding on to you

you never gave up on me


I may have ignored you many times

but I promise that my eyes will be focused on You alone

my time, my heart and my mind will be for You


I trust in You, in what plan you have for me

in what you are preparing for me

you are the one I love, the one I’ll forever cherish


bad times may come

but please remind me at times I am making a wrong choice

a choice that will lead me far from you

remind me of the promise I gave you


I am forever thankful to have you

overflowing happiness is what I have now because of You

a happiness that I could never find from anyone but you


this is something I wrote to express my love for you

thank you Lord my God

I am indeed a daughter of yours and

forever loved by you

I am yours and yours forever






Random Thoughts

So tonight im listening to spotify, to   “Best of 2000s”, And the weather was a little bit rainy this last nights. So it’s a bed-thinking-late-at-nights weather. And here’s some of the things that I’ve been thing lately.

  • Why does school have to be so complicated? Like why does everything have to be dued all at once. If there’s one thing that I suck at it’s multitasking. I mean, I cant do everything in a short span of time people (sorry for my ranting)
  • Lately, I’ve been having some struggles when it comes to friends. I dont hate them, I just get too uninterested with what they do. In school, I have few friends. And sometimes I even overthink, to the point that I think they think of me boring.
  • I am having less and less friends. I have few close friends who aren’t the same age with me. Well, it’s okay for me. It’s one way on how I can develop my personality. Be random with the friends that I choose.
  • Maybe one of the major things I’ve been thinking about lately is love. Not just about the love that we get from the opposite sex, but the kind of love that comes from our family, our friends, some strangers. How long will they be able to love us? Is it possible for a stranger to love us even though we wont give back what they deserve? and for our family, is it possible for them to give up on us easily? What does love really mean, I mean, we all our different people and we have our own different definitions about love. But what does love really mean?
  • One of the questions that’s been running in my mind is “what do I really want?” What exactly do I want? I feel like sometimes im just driven by the wants of my friends that im not able to distinguish what i exactly want in my life. Having my previous relationship, I got exactly what I wanted before. The kind of guy which i earnestly prayed to the Lord but then as time goes by, i got tired of everything. I didn’t get tired of his love. I just dont see the things I wanted in him to be the things I prayed for before. I mean, it’s still there consistency was 100% but it wasn’t what i wanted anymore. All of us wants our relationship to last right, but now I have that fear of knowing what if my next relationship would fail because i still dont know what I really want. That’s why now im just praying and waiting. To be helped by the holy spirit.

Alot of thoughts for a little girl like me, but im lifting every questions and random questions in my mind to the Lord, may He hold every thought that comes in my mind. Asking for prayers for everything! Thank you everyone! Godbless! 🙂

A Letter To the Girl Who Is Hurting

Dear little girl,

Stop crying, stop thinking of him every single night, stop seeking for his attention, Stop making a fool of yourself. He made his choice, and that choice was never to wait for you. Stop looking for him, stop thinking that he still loves you. News flash, little girl. He doesn’t anymore. You made the right choice, You were a brave girl to let go of someone you love. You were brave to say “no” to every question he asked. Even though your heart wants to scream that you want him, that you love him, that it’s him that you’ve been waiting for a long time. Stop thinking what if you said yes, what if you’re still together with him. You did the best thing. You know you had to let go, for a reason. Stop feeling hurt, you should have prepared yourself the day you had let him go. You should have prepared yourself to the reality that after you it’s possible that he would love another girl and that’s not you anymore. He is gone in the hands of someone else. You made the right thing little girl, do not be sad, You’re on the right track now. You’re on the track where the Lord has prepared for you. The Lord your God is proud of you. Lift your pain to Him. Let Him take care of you, of your heart. Little girl, It’s hard but everything is going to be worth it. We cannot settle for a person who cannot wait for us. It will only end to destruction. It will only end to emotional damage. So think of this as God saved you from a tragic ending. Always remember that, everyone’s love for you may fail, but God’s love doesn’t. His love endures forever. Pray to the Lord for your healing. It’s hard I know, but think of how wonderful God’s plan is for you. You will only break that wonderful plan if you let other things rule over you. Do not be deceived by your feelings, do not be controlled by your emotions. Focus your heart to the Lord, to what the Lord wants you to do. It’s going to be a long journey but with the Lord you can do it. It may take weeks, months or even years before you get over it. But together with the Lord, you may not even noticed it. After you have been healed now then you may be able to pray for that someone. One mistake you may have done is that you didn’t wait. Now, learn from that lesson and wait for who God has prepared for you. Pray for that someone who knows how to wait, pray for that someone who values his relationship with the Lord, pray for that someone who loves his family just how he loves God. That person will come on the right time that the Lord has planned for the both of you. Stop worrying little girl. God has not forgotten you, the Lord knows what you’ve been going through. Just have faith in Him and trust His timing. From now on, may we learn to wait. To wait for what God has prepared for you. He has a bigger and better plan for you. Do not get swayed by the patterns of this world. Go deeper on your relationship with Him. I cannot wait to see the better you soon. Godbless and have faith. He knows your heart, and he will never forsake you in your process of healing.





True Happiness

Lately I have these unanswered questions running in my mind, about true happiness. Like, kailan mo ba talaga masasabeng masaya talaga ang isang tao? Kapag ba, mayaman ka? Kapag ba nagagawa mo ang mga bagay na gusto mo? or Kapag ba madami kang friends? Paano mo ba masasabe na, “Ahh masaya ako, and gusto ko tong ganito lang” Iniisip ko nga eh, sa lahat ng sinabe ko lageng akong may naiisip na pwedeng hindi naman kasaya saya. Like mayaman ka nga, what if naman sa yaman mo, wala kang friends dahil most of them just wants to be friends with you to take advantage of you lang. O kaya, nagagawa mo naman gusto mo, pero sa paulit ulit mo ng paggawa ng mga gusto mo hindi mo parin makuha ung satisaction na hinahanap mo, so doon di ka parin masaya. Or yun nga, madami ka ngang friends, pero temporary lang. Ang dami kong naiisip about true happiness, paano mo ba un nakukuha? At kailan ko ba un mafefeel. Siguro dati nafeel mo, like nung nainlove ka. Yung lageng may taong nandyan for you, to take care of you, ung tipong may makaksama ka sa lahat ng gusto mong gawin. Siguro yun, at that moment nafeel mo talaga ung happiness. (plus kilig hehe) Pero diba, minsan, natatapos din. And ayun, nawawala din talaga yun happiness doon.

All of us wants to experience true happiness, sino ba naman ang may gusto ng kalungkutan? Pero paano nga ba? Siguro tatanungin niyo, “paano yan, inlove ako ngayon, and masaya ako, sabe doon sa blog ni jen matatapos din yun” Haha. Hoy ano ako bitter? Di ganon. Hindi naman masama maging masaya to feel that moment na inlove ka, hindi ko sinasabe na lahat ng happiness mula don nagwawakas sa lungkot, some lang possible na ganon mangyare. Pero ang point ko, more than that happiness coming from the opposite sex, may happiness pa ba tayong makukuha from other things/people/experiences?

At times when I feel na gusto kong magisip isip, gumagala ako magisa. Kumakain magisa, nagmumuni muni sa mga mall magisa. Wala lang, para lang marefresh ung utak ko sa mga nangyayare sa mundo. Then minsan naiisip ko, malungkot ba ako o masaya? Kase magisa ako. Anong difference ba if may kasama ako ngayon? naiisip ko naman, kung may kasama ako mapapalaki ang gastos ko tapos naman, madali akong mapapagod (para sa mga tropa kong pag naglalakad sa mall ang bilis maglakad akala mo may hinahabol.. alam niyo kung sino kayo HAHA :p jk) Ganon, pag magisa naman ako. Mas nakakapagisip ako, and mas madami akong nadidiscover sa sarili ko. Mas may narerealize ako, and most importantly mas nakakapagusap kami Lord. Sa mundo kase natin ngayon, pag magisa ka, loner ka malungkot ka.Do not conform to their standards people, Same as being single. Being alone is OKAY. Hindi ka abnormal pag magisa ka. Kase ako one thing na narealize ko on being alone is you get to know yourself more eh, you think of more ways on how to handle the situations that you are in. And mas naiisuko mo kay Lord ang mga bagay na nahihirapan kang hawakan na. And then from there you experience God’s hand will start to work in the situation.

Happiness is when you start dwelling in God with everything you are going through. Pag mas nagtitiwala ka skanya, and mas hinahayaan mong si Lord ang tumingin sayo hindi ibang tao. Yung mas tiwala ka sa kung anong meron siya para sayo, You’ll be able to have true happiness if you start trusting the Lord. See yourself as how God would see you, Ilang beses kaya niya sinabe sa Bible kung ano ang tingin niya sten. One example is this

“‘I will be a Father to you, and you will be my sons and daughters,’ says the Lord Almighty.” (2 Corinthians 6:17-18, NIV)

To Him we are His children, we to look up to Him us our Father. Kung ikaw, Ama ka o ina, gusto mo ba na ang anak mo lage malungkot? Yung saglit lang sasaya tapos mamaya malungkot nanaman. Nako, ang parents natin. Hindi man sila perfect but all they want for us is to be happy, to enjoy our lives. Ganon din ang Panginoon sa atin, Ayaw niyang nalulungkot tayo. He is our comforter  and our help at all times. That is why He wants us to trust Him, to cling to Him more. Because only our God can give us the true happiness we are craving for. Eto pa very familliar.

“I praise you because I am fearfully and wonderfully made…” Psalms 139:41

Boom! Grabe ang Panginoon noh, We are fearfully and wonderfully made. So cheer up! Smile! Show everyone that smile na binigay sayo ni Lord. Trust more on what the Lord is doing in your life. Only then you will experience the happiness you wanted.

The happiness you’ve been waiting for is the plan that God is making for you, minsan nakakalungkot, minsan nakakainip. Hintay hintay din sa panagako na plano ng Panginoon para sa atin. Minsan talaga mahirap pero matuto tayong maghintay at magtiwala sa kanya. Kase mas alam niya ang lahat. Only then we can experience  true happiness if we trust more to God. Mayaman ka? at hindi masaya? Bakit di mo ipagpray kung saan gusto ni Lord na ilagay mo pera mo. Baka sabhn sayo ni Lord ibigay mo sa naghihirap, trust your riches to the Lord. (mawawala din yan, iiwan mo din yan.. sa akin. Jk Sa mundo Haha) Yun na pala, ung happiness na gusto mo makitang may ibang tao kang napapangiti. Nagagawa mo lahat ng gusto mo? pero wala parn. why dont you pray to the Lord what he wants you to do. Malay mo may extraordinary palang ipapagawa sayo si Lord. 🙂 Madami kang friends? isama mo sila sa church, share-an mo ng gospel gawin niyong bonding time ang pakikipagusap patungkol sa Panginoon. Malay mo may friend ka pala na nahihiya lang na magopen at magtanong about kay Lord, atleast ayun dba. May nadala ka sa Panginoon. If wala ka pang friends, pray for your friends. Let everything be connected to God. do everything for the Glory of God.

So ayun, It’s okay to be alone, if your alone together with the Lord. Kaya nga din siguro, QUIET ang tawag sa QUIET TIME kase, mas clear ang paguusap niyo ni Lord pag tahimik lang ang paligid ung magisa ka lang. Pwera nalang kung QUIET TIME at tuluyan ka nang naging QUIET haha Papuntang dreamland. Trust, pray , wait & spend time with the Lord more.



Take delight in the LORD, and he will give you the desires of your heart.
Commit your way to the LORD; trust in him and he will do this – Psalms 37:4-5


Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The title says it all.

I mean, even doing this Blog is already outside of my comfortzone.

But to me, doing this blog. Is where I could really express my self. Where I could write what I truly feel and what I want. To show my moods, my ambitions, my life lessons and my abilities such as to write. I call it ability cause I cant proudly say that it’s my passion yet. I dont know, maybe it’s because I dont believe that I have the rights to do such things like this. You see, Im not good in grammar. Haha. (Obviously) and for me, I want to learn more complicated words that I dont know.


Should have tried that. Right? I know I know. Maybe I was just too pressured in my 1st year in college that’s why I just took a course where I thought was easy. But then again, I was wrong. Business Administration major in Marketing (the course I took) proved to me that Business Ad is not just Business Ad you need to have the heart to study it. Hahaha. And evrrything that surrounds that course deals with competition.

You see, I dont like competitions. I dont like winning nor losing. Also being compared. This are the things that I would do anything just to avoid it.

When im on a competition I feel like a lozer right before they would announce the winner. Like there’s a voice inside of me saying, “do you even have the abilities to that?” or “are you sure you can do that?” or…. “die just die”

And comparing just makes everything worse.

Imagine yourself, on a pageant. And you had all the trophies, then some girls or judges would wispher “How did she won?” “number #4 was more talented”. I imagined myself, then the first thing that came to my mind was. “Is it true? Was number 4 more talented than me?”  “We’re they that suprised that I won?” and most unanswerable question you could ask yourself was “What did I lack for them to see me like that?” when you were that sure you did everything you could.

Basically, going ouside of your comfortzone triggers your emotion of worrying then disappointment. And all this things is called Negative Thinking.

Last Sunday at our church, we studied about Philippians 4:8-9

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent and praiseworthy-think about such things. Whatever you have learned or recieved or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you”

This verse is about doing what is right. And not just right, but noble, pure.. Etc. The things that leads into excellence and is praiseworthy. You can’t do something just because it’s Right, or its noble you should always think if it’s pleasing to the eyes of the Lord. And in order to achieve this kind of doing you should always set your mind to what is pleasing to the Lord.

Think of Godly things, remember that everything that you do will always start with what you think. For example, if your mad at someone. The possible response of your body will be showing bad attitude to this person. You’ll be doing the ‘Irap’.

The best solution to this situation is to keep in mind WWJD. “What Would Jesus Do?” What would Jesus possibly do? I remember my Pastor telling us how he controlled His anger.

He told us that, even thou your mad at this person. Think of Jesus and how would he feel if you responsed rudely and inappropriate infront of that person.

As far as I can remember, He told us that while the guy was so angry at him while talking. Our pastor just took a deep breath, smiled then said, “Thank you! Godbless! Goodbye!” then after that, He felt alright na.

You see, you just have to keep in mind that while your mad. Everything that you’ll do or how you act comes from your mind. So fill your mind with godly thoughts, goodness and kindness, and love. And most importantly Read The Bible.

Reading the bible, will be a powerful weapon in protecting yourself from Ungodly Thoughts. Kase, when your experiencing this kinds of situation and when you thought like the situation look similar to what you’ve you read in the bible. You’ll lnow how to respond to te situation.

Fill your mind with things that you know will grow into excellence and do what is right.

Oh eto, how can this verse help in steping out of your comfort zone. Simple, fill your mind with Godly things. Negative thinking is one of those what you call Ungodly thoughts. Kase when you say, negative thinking. Your pulling yourself down. Your thinking of yourself low.

Remember that, You beautifully and worderfully made by our God. And is a copy of His son Jesus. And remember? That what you think is what you’ll do? When you get disappointed you get weak. You can be weak in school or work. And you will not be excellent in it. And that is not praiseworthy. Pray and read the bible.

We’ll go back to the pageant. What’s the best way to respond to that kind of comparison, always bear in mind that. You’re wonderful and beautiful. God loves you that much to win that trophy. His the who is working in your life not them. Respond, positively. 🙂 Working outside of your comfort zone is to accept the challenges, and to be postive. The critics and their comments for improvements is an additional for your progress. Still, you can be thankful for those people who looks for the areas where you can suceed.

And to end this bloooog. 🙂 I dont really care if you dont like or appreciate my blog. Atleast I’ve done my best. And Ive done what God wants me to do. To let you all know what really is his role in our lives. Amen? Amen!



God is doing a new thing in your life. 🙂 Step up!

Godbless! :”>