Life Goals

One of the things that i did not treasure when I was a child, was when I got this oppurtunities to go out of the country.

Grade 3 was the last time I went to Korea. I remember my friends who I met. Beside our house kase was a park and every afternoon there were this group of children who would always go there and play. As a child, I love going to parks. Lalo na if they had slides, seesaw atc..

While I was sliding. A korean approached me and started talking in his language. To my understanding, i though of the most general question a person would ask me if we met for the first time.

What’s your name?”

that line was running to my mind. So amswered back


To my suprise he laughed. I didn’t understand how come she laughed when I said my name. Then He called some of his friends. (Hnde sla puro lalake ah) They were like 11? People?

I felt so embarassed, pero I still made an effort for them to understand that Im a filipino and I do not understand their language.

Then there was this girl who talked to me. To my luck she talked in english. 🙂 Yey! Someon who I can understand. Hahaha.

Her name was Kim and she was already in Middle School. I made friends with her friends. We stayed in Korea for 3 days. And that 3 days was not enough. I learned how to ride a bike on Korea with the guy who I met na laughed at me. He taught me how to ride it.

Korea was the far most amazing place I’ve been. Socializing for a 7 yr Old girl in a country like that was not that hard. I also loved their food. Hot spicy food. Eating on the floor. Sleeping in the same place was the best.

My goals right now is to excel in my future work and be able to some countries. Not just in Korea but also in US, France, Netherland. Yes it’s ambitious but still if I just focus on what my goals is and keep in mind that my God is going to be there for me Ill be able to achieve it.

He has amazing plans for me. I just need to keep on dreaming and praying for it. =)

Plus the fact that I would love to know more about the traditions and the culture of the countries that I mentioned.

Okay lang if my plans is not his plans. Cause I know he has plans that are so much better than mine. Right now im just thankful that He loves me so much to letme dream this big and believe I can achieve it.

Oh so drama blog for today. Keep praying and dreaming. And most importantly never forget to share it to God. Malay mo, may ikwento pa siyang mas maganda sa plano mo.


Freedom Park, NC


Amsterdam, Netherlands


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