Stepping Out Of Your Comfort Zone

The title says it all.

I mean, even doing this Blog is already outside of my comfortzone.

But to me, doing this blog. Is where I could really express my self. Where I could write what I truly feel and what I want. To show my moods, my ambitions, my life lessons and my abilities such as to write. I call it ability cause I cant proudly say that it’s my passion yet. I dont know, maybe it’s because I dont believe that I have the rights to do such things like this. You see, Im not good in grammar. Haha. (Obviously) and for me, I want to learn more complicated words that I dont know.


Should have tried that. Right? I know I know. Maybe I was just too pressured in my 1st year in college that’s why I just took a course where I thought was easy. But then again, I was wrong. Business Administration major in Marketing (the course I took) proved to me that Business Ad is not just Business Ad you need to have the heart to study it. Hahaha. And evrrything that surrounds that course deals with competition.

You see, I dont like competitions. I dont like winning nor losing. Also being compared. This are the things that I would do anything just to avoid it.

When im on a competition I feel like a lozer right before they would announce the winner. Like there’s a voice inside of me saying, “do you even have the abilities to that?” or “are you sure you can do that?” or…. “die just die”

And comparing just makes everything worse.

Imagine yourself, on a pageant. And you had all the trophies, then some girls or judges would wispher “How did she won?” “number #4 was more talented”. I imagined myself, then the first thing that came to my mind was. “Is it true? Was number 4 more talented than me?”  “We’re they that suprised that I won?” and most unanswerable question you could ask yourself was “What did I lack for them to see me like that?” when you were that sure you did everything you could.

Basically, going ouside of your comfortzone triggers your emotion of worrying then disappointment. And all this things is called Negative Thinking.

Last Sunday at our church, we studied about Philippians 4:8-9

“Finally, brothers, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent and praiseworthy-think about such things. Whatever you have learned or recieved or heard from me, or seen in me-put it into practice. And the God of peace will be with you”

This verse is about doing what is right. And not just right, but noble, pure.. Etc. The things that leads into excellence and is praiseworthy. You can’t do something just because it’s Right, or its noble you should always think if it’s pleasing to the eyes of the Lord. And in order to achieve this kind of doing you should always set your mind to what is pleasing to the Lord.

Think of Godly things, remember that everything that you do will always start with what you think. For example, if your mad at someone. The possible response of your body will be showing bad attitude to this person. You’ll be doing the ‘Irap’.

The best solution to this situation is to keep in mind WWJD. “What Would Jesus Do?” What would Jesus possibly do? I remember my Pastor telling us how he controlled His anger.

He told us that, even thou your mad at this person. Think of Jesus and how would he feel if you responsed rudely and inappropriate infront of that person.

As far as I can remember, He told us that while the guy was so angry at him while talking. Our pastor just took a deep breath, smiled then said, “Thank you! Godbless! Goodbye!” then after that, He felt alright na.

You see, you just have to keep in mind that while your mad. Everything that you’ll do or how you act comes from your mind. So fill your mind with godly thoughts, goodness and kindness, and love. And most importantly Read The Bible.

Reading the bible, will be a powerful weapon in protecting yourself from Ungodly Thoughts. Kase, when your experiencing this kinds of situation and when you thought like the situation look similar to what you’ve you read in the bible. You’ll lnow how to respond to te situation.

Fill your mind with things that you know will grow into excellence and do what is right.

Oh eto, how can this verse help in steping out of your comfort zone. Simple, fill your mind with Godly things. Negative thinking is one of those what you call Ungodly thoughts. Kase when you say, negative thinking. Your pulling yourself down. Your thinking of yourself low.

Remember that, You beautifully and worderfully made by our God. And is a copy of His son Jesus. And remember? That what you think is what you’ll do? When you get disappointed you get weak. You can be weak in school or work. And you will not be excellent in it. And that is not praiseworthy. Pray and read the bible.

We’ll go back to the pageant. What’s the best way to respond to that kind of comparison, always bear in mind that. You’re wonderful and beautiful. God loves you that much to win that trophy. His the who is working in your life not them. Respond, positively. 🙂 Working outside of your comfort zone is to accept the challenges, and to be postive. The critics and their comments for improvements is an additional for your progress. Still, you can be thankful for those people who looks for the areas where you can suceed.

And to end this bloooog. 🙂 I dont really care if you dont like or appreciate my blog. Atleast I’ve done my best. And Ive done what God wants me to do. To let you all know what really is his role in our lives. Amen? Amen!



God is doing a new thing in your life. 🙂 Step up!

Godbless! :”>


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