A Letter To the Girl Who Is Hurting

Dear little girl,

Stop crying, stop thinking of him every single night, stop seeking for his attention, Stop making a fool of yourself. He made his choice, and that choice was never to wait for you. Stop looking for him, stop thinking that he still loves you. News flash, little girl. He doesn’t anymore. You made the right choice, You were a brave girl to let go of someone you love. You were brave to say “no” to every question he asked. Even though your heart wants to scream that you want him, that you love him, that it’s him that you’ve been waiting for a long time. Stop thinking what if you said yes, what if you’re still together with him. You did the best thing. You know you had to let go, for a reason. Stop feeling hurt, you should have prepared yourself the day you had let him go. You should have prepared yourself to the reality that after you it’s possible that he would love another girl and that’s not you anymore. He is gone in the hands of someone else. You made the right thing little girl, do not be sad, You’re on the right track now. You’re on the track where the Lord has prepared for you. The Lord your God is proud of you. Lift your pain to Him. Let Him take care of you, of your heart. Little girl, It’s hard but everything is going to be worth it. We cannot settle for a person who cannot wait for us. It will only end to destruction. It will only end to emotional damage. So think of this as God saved you from a tragic ending. Always remember that, everyone’s love for you may fail, but God’s love doesn’t. His love endures forever. Pray to the Lord for your healing. It’s hard I know, but think of how wonderful God’s plan is for you. You will only break that wonderful plan if you let other things rule over you. Do not be deceived by your feelings, do not be controlled by your emotions. Focus your heart to the Lord, to what the Lord wants you to do. It’s going to be a long journey but with the Lord you can do it. It may take weeks, months or even years before you get over it. But together with the Lord, you may not even noticed it. After you have been healed now then you may be able to pray for that someone. One mistake you may have done is that you didn’t wait. Now, learn from that lesson and wait for who God has prepared for you. Pray for that someone who knows how to wait, pray for that someone who values his relationship with the Lord, pray for that someone who loves his family just how he loves God. That person will come on the right time that the Lord has planned for the both of you. Stop worrying little girl. God has not forgotten you, the Lord knows what you’ve been going through. Just have faith in Him and trust His timing. From now on, may we learn to wait. To wait for what God has prepared for you. He has a bigger and better plan for you. Do not get swayed by the patterns of this world. Go deeper on your relationship with Him. I cannot wait to see the better you soon. Godbless and have faith. He knows your heart, and he will never forsake you in your process of healing.






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