Random Thoughts

So tonight im listening to spotify, to   “Best of 2000s”, And the weather was a little bit rainy this last nights. So it’s a bed-thinking-late-at-nights weather. And here’s some of the things that I’ve been thing lately.

  • Why does school have to be so complicated? Like why does everything have to be dued all at once. If there’s one thing that I suck at it’s multitasking. I mean, I cant do everything in a short span of time people (sorry for my ranting)
  • Lately, I’ve been having some struggles when it comes to friends. I dont hate them, I just get too uninterested with what they do. In school, I have few friends. And sometimes I even overthink, to the point that I think they think of me boring.
  • I am having less and less friends. I have few close friends who aren’t the same age with me. Well, it’s okay for me. It’s one way on how I can develop my personality. Be random with the friends that I choose.
  • Maybe one of the major things I’ve been thinking about lately is love. Not just about the love that we get from the opposite sex, but the kind of love that comes from our family, our friends, some strangers. How long will they be able to love us? Is it possible for a stranger to love us even though we wont give back what they deserve? and for our family, is it possible for them to give up on us easily? What does love really mean, I mean, we all our different people and we have our own different definitions about love. But what does love really mean?
  • One of the questions that’s been running in my mind is “what do I really want?” What exactly do I want? I feel like sometimes im just driven by the wants of my friends that im not able to distinguish what i exactly want in my life. Having my previous relationship, I got exactly what I wanted before. The kind of guy which i earnestly prayed to the Lord but then as time goes by, i got tired of everything. I didn’t get tired of his love. I just dont see the things I wanted in him to be the things I prayed for before. I mean, it’s still there consistency was 100% but it wasn’t what i wanted anymore. All of us wants our relationship to last right, but now I have that fear of knowing what if my next relationship would fail because i still dont know what I really want. That’s why now im just praying and waiting. To be helped by the holy spirit.

Alot of thoughts for a little girl like me, but im lifting every questions and random questions in my mind to the Lord, may He hold every thought that comes in my mind. Asking for prayers for everything! Thank you everyone! Godbless! 🙂


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