To The One Who Loves Me

as hard as things are going

I’ll never stop holding on to you

you never gave up on me


I may have ignored you many times

but I promise that my eyes will be focused on You alone

my time, my heart and my mind will be for You


I trust in You, in what plan you have for me

in what you are preparing for me

you are the one I love, the one I’ll forever cherish


bad times may come

but please remind me at times I am making a wrong choice

a choice that will lead me far from you

remind me of the promise I gave you


I am forever thankful to have you

overflowing happiness is what I have now because of You

a happiness that I could never find from anyone but you


this is something I wrote to express my love for you

thank you Lord my God

I am indeed a daughter of yours and

forever loved by you

I am yours and yours forever







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